Sunday, December 27, 2015

Insight - What kind of shopper are you? - By Michelle Libby

“Don’t keep calm…Christmas is next week.” I just read this and realized that it’s true. Everyone has been so busy running from event to event, concert to concert that the time snuck up on us/me. So my question is…have you finished your Christmas shopping?  
There have been years when I have had everything done before Thanksgiving. All that was left was the wrapping. My kids were never picky about presents and were so happy to open anything, but in the last few years that has changed and we’ve gone from non-specific to hyper-specific-send-me-a-link items. Last minute is definitely out.

The following are Michelle’s three categories of shoppers.
1.      The buy early bunch – These are the people who start shopping right after the new year. They find cute items while traveling and think…hmmm, what a great present. They have lists and storage places for all of their gifts. By Thanksgiving they are done, wrapped and ready to sit back and watch the show.

2.      The Christmas month bunch – The people who refuse to start shopping until after Thanksgiving. They go out on Black Friday and shop for the deals. It is a sport to shop every store, study each flyer to find the best price on the hot items. These people were very busy this summer getting a tan and enjoying the beaches. They will be done by Christmas Eve, with everything wrapped so they can sit by and watch the show.   

3.      The show – These brave souls wait until the last minute to rush out to buy whatever they can get their hands on. They love the bundled shower kits and anything within reach of the register. If it’s between the entrance and the register and doesn’t need a size, it’s perfect for that special someone. This is what others can’t wait to watch on TV, sitting at home sipping hot chocolate.
The show bunch are the people the television stations take tape of on December 24, as they run from store to store, while the other shoppers are home, done.

So whatever kind of shopper you are, remember that you’re not alone in how you choose to shop. No way is the right way and after all isn’t it the thought that counts.

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