Saturday, June 6, 2015

Insight - Advice for parents on the eve of graduation - By Michelle Libby

Last year at this time I was running from place to place trying to keep up with my senior and all of the exciting activities she had. This year, I’m watching other parents run from event to event. I’ve learned a lot this past year, some of it hard, some of it exciting and all of it an experience. 
These are some of the things I’ve learned.
1.      Facetime is a great invention. Parents can see their child, and the child’s room, and the food they are eating, and meet all their friends, no matter how far away they are.
2.      Parents can’t control everything their kids do while at college.
3.      When there’s an issue with a class or a professor, parents can’t send an email or call the teacher. It’s just not done.
4.      Sometimes it’s better to laugh than cry.
5.      Majors are made to be changed, if it’s not the right fit.
6.      Colleges can be changed and more often than not kids transfer schools after the first year.
7.      There is a steep learning curve once a student gets to the college campus. Social and educational.
8.      Keeping the lines of communication open is important for when issues do arise.
9.      Sometimes it’s good to have your child far away so you can’t drive there for a hug or to deliver homemade cookies on a whim.
10.  Nothing is better than having your child come home over vacations with stories, experiences and a boatload of dirty laundry.

I’ve learned a lot about being a helicopter parent and how to not get involved in situations my child should be able to take care of. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that there is a different path for everybody. The path I took isn’t necessarily the right path for my daughter and her path won’t be the right path for my son. Everything is a learning process. Every experience is there for a purpose. 

Enjoy graduation, it’s an exciting time. Be safe. Be smart. Be well. Congratulations to the class of 2015 from The Windham Eagle!

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