Friday, February 6, 2015

Stop and see the beauty of winter - By Michelle Libby

It’s looking like winter in Maine out there. Driving up my road, which is considerably tighter these days, I realized how pretty it is. Rarely do we take time to stop and look around. Pull over to the side of the road and see the sun glinting off the snow. Watch animals play in the snow piles, see the snowmobilers cut across a field with looks of delight on their faces, it’s all a part of winter. 

We may hate shoveling, raking the roof and snow blowing, but there is a lot to be said for standing out in the snow, hearing the deadened sound of the earth as white flakes cover your hair and lashes. 

When I took an art class in college, the professor had us look at details in a tree, then he said to expand our field of vision to see what was behind the tree. See the blocks of color and how things change as they get further away. It taught me to look up and see the world. Stop focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, or watching the patch of ice and snow on the road while I’m driving. 

Pull over, stop walking and look around. I bet you see some amazing sights. One of my favorite things to do is drive over the bridge on Whites Bridge Road to look out over Sebago Lake toward Mount Washington. On a clear day you can see the white behemoth looming over all the smaller mountains until the mountains meet the lake. If no one is behind me, I will stop on the bridge to see how much of the lake is frozen and admire the beauty that is part of our community. 

I find that I get stuck in a rut traveling from my house to work, from work to the store, from the store to an interview, and then back to my house. It’s a well-worn path. When I can get out of my thoughts of what’s next…I see the beauty that is winter in Windham. I don’t care if the snow banks are taller than my car or if it takes a little longer to get where I’m going. 

Although I’m still jealous…envious…obsessed with those who post pictures from Florida and Arizona, I know in a few months, they will be sweltering in their air conditioned homes, while we are enjoying the gorgeous Maine weather. 

So we will take another snow storm for the team, because what makes us struggle now, makes us enjoy what’s to come so much more. 

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