Sunday, October 12, 2014

Letter from Fred Collins "He's my brother."

It seems that many of we down home folks look at living in somewhat of a different manner than some that hold the reins of leadership. Last night in a dream I found all the people of the world were “color blind”, and that the word “prejudice” was no longer in the dictionary. The word “compassion” was elevated to the top rung of the ladder of a world that needs to find a rainbow. 

Today industry is judged by how much “horse power” it produces. Many folks may not take time to reflect on what that really means! My early years started on a two horse far, every challenge was meet with team work. It took teamwork to pull the great logs from deep in the woods. Above all on a farm it was folks working as a team to survive and grow. One often wonders why these primary elements are often overlooked in today’s society! Horsepower is the energy exerted to move an object. In that same vein – how much “brain power” would it take to change a nation? (Just call ourselves Americans.) A force of people in every nation that put their best food forward for the betterment of its people.

Just the other day my future son-in-law and I were discussing the dress code for the upcoming wedding. I injected the thought – what a simple matter it would be if Adam and Eve had not sampled the forbidden fruit. The thought that all nations could sit down to a communal table and solve their needs, where prejudices were not invented and compassion sat at the head of the table. Vigilance was not needed, suspicion no longer separated us. Even the most common folk would be able to dine and share in God’s harvest. The greatest law of the land would be to help our fellow man! You may remember that great quote – “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother!”

I believe everyone sometime in their life, should walk behind a plow, pulled by two magnificent horses.
Fred Collins
The American

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