Sunday, July 20, 2014

Insight - There will always be family - By Michelle Libby

Monday night I met up with my cousin in Portland who I had not seen for 20 years. When we were younger, we used to see one another every summer on the Connecticut shore. We had so many shared memories. So when he said he was coming to Portland for work, I was excited at the opportunity to visit with him and his girlfriend. 

My sister, brother-in-law, niece and mom all went into Portland and waited for him at the DiMillos Dock. 

We all went out to dinner and it was like not a day had gone by. Of course, he had a little gray at his temples and I, of course, hadn’t changed a bit in 20 years. (cough, cough). He is a father and I am a mother now…weird. He spoke on the phone to his son and I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that he had children. We are the next generation of parents. 

We’re family and no matter how much time goes by, nothing can break that bond. Even though it’s been a long time, I know that I can call on him when I’m in Florida to spend a night or two at his condo, just like when he returns for a few weeks, he’ll be invited to stay with us for as long as he likes. 

Having family is really special. You don’t realize it until it’s there in front of you. My sister pointed out that even though we live 10 minutes apart, we might not talk for three weeks, but if she needed something, she’d never hesitate to call to ask me for whatever. 

Family is unique. They are friends that you can’t really get rid of. No matter what happens or how horrible a situation is, they are there when the chips are down. 

That being said, family should never take advantage of another person’s generosity. They should never forget that family gives and takes, loves and tolerates. 

Family is a shared common background. 

Seeing Pete made the years drop away as he started telling stories about the days at the shore and common friends we have. I’m thankful for Facebook and the ability to keep me connected with my family all over the country. 

I don’t plan to wait for another 20 years to see him, even if that means a trip to south-central Florida.

Michelle Libby

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