Sunday, March 16, 2014

Insight - Happy Birthday to The Windham Eagle - By Michelle Libby

Happy Birthday to The Windham Eagle! When we started this paper we had specific goals for ourselves and the newspaper. I’m happy to report that we’ve met most of those goals and have exceeded others.
Starting a newspaper is a scary endeavor. Our question when we at The Windham Eagle began looking at the big blank pages of our paper, was what can we offer the community? How can we be different from the competitors?
If anyone has met Kelly Mank, the publisher of The Windham Eagle, they would know there was only one way to go…positive. Reporting about the tragic happenings in a community is not easy. I hated calling the family members after their loved ones died in an accident or killed someone after driving the wrong way up the highway, but when people in our community want to see this type of news they turn to the evening news on one of the three “local” stations. We have had the opportunity to report on serious accidents, unfortunate mistakes made by some in the pubic eye, but we have chosen not to.

The Windham Eagle is a newspaper that any child, student or grandparent could pick up and read. (Of course those first few weeks, we tried to squeeze all the info in by having smaller type…didn’t work so well for some eyes.) We have learned so much and have grown like any newborn over the first year.
We are so happy to celebrate our first birthday with our fabulous writers, staff, readers and advertisers. The team we now have in place is strong and committed. We are always looking for  local business owners who see the value in The Windham Eagle and are willing to support us. Going forward we would love to hear from our readers. Write to us and tell us what’s on your mind and what you’d like to see covered.

Thank you for reading.

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