Sunday, February 23, 2014

Insight - Sometimes you should believe what you read - By Michelle Libby

The Farmer’s Almanac was right. The editors said there would be a long snowy winter and although it’s only February, don’t you feel the winter has been a long one and snowy? 
The snowbanks are piled high, too high to see over or around when pulling out of driveways and side streets. The weather teams aren’t sure how to address the storms. Is it this storm or the one coming tomorrow? 
Sometimes it’s hard to keep track on social media. 

I’ve seen more and more pictures of sunny beaches and tropical sunsets on Facebook inter-dispersed with the holy cow it’s going to snow again comments. 

There really is nothing we can do about the snow but live with it and be thankful that we live in a place with four seasons and very few hurricanes, tornadoes and other national disasters. 

Our town crews are doing a good job keeping up with the storms, often times working around the clock to make sure that the citizens can get to work on time. Thanks for that. 

I was having a conversation with another avid Olympics watcher who commented that why were we having the Olympics in a place where it’s raining, not snowing, even in the mountains. Maine would be the perfect location for an Olympic venue. Can’t you see the boom to the economy? The mascot could be the Olympic lobster and the opening ceremonies could be at the newly remodeled Cumberland County Civic Center. But, I digress.

It’s winter white out there. Drive safe when you have to be out and stay home if you can when it’s snowing.
And, as far as The Farmer’s Almanac, I’m going to grab my copy and see what it says about this upcoming summer. Either way, I predict brisk sales of the almanac for next year.

-         Michelle Libby

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