Saturday, November 2, 2013

Giving praise to our children - By Kelly Mank

People ask me all the time why I feel the need to turn every situation into a positive experience or life lesson. There are so many answers to this question. Some people even get mad at me when I put a positive spin on everything going on in my life. 

My number one answer to this question is: My kids.

I want my kids to grow up thinking that they can do anything and can accomplish anything they put their mind to. Everything worth accomplishing takes a lot of hard work and sometimes takes making decisions that are not always fun to make. When my son or daughter has a friend over who has such low self-esteem and feels like a failure, it breaks my heart. It makes me wonder where it is coming from and why at such a young age they are shaping their life and future for failure.

I guess the reason for my insight is purely to remind people to tell their kids how amazing they are and to encourage them in sports, arts, music… whatever it is that they have a passion for. Encourage them to have fun and to do the best they can possibly do. Our children’s minds have not been polluted by all the negatives in our world. Shape their minds to not only be positive, but live a positive life.

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