Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You know what really Grinds my Gears? by Jeffrey J. Thivierge

People not following the rules of the road.

I’m going to admit it.  I’m not perfect.  My wife would be the second person to tell you that.  My ex-wife would be the first person.  But most days I make an effort to be a better person when I’m on the roads, whether or not I’m driving, bicycling or walking.

That’s why it drives my absolutely bananas when I get passed by a motorcycle on River Road in a no-passing zone when there’s a car coming.   The car had to nearly drive into the ditch to avoid the motorcycle as the motorcycle sped off at what must have been 90 mph.

And it doesn’t stop with motorcycles.

I was lucky and married “up” and enjoy the fruits of my in-laws family camp on a small, quaint pond in eastern Maine.  A couple of weekends ago, my wife and I were making the trek north so I could once again sacrifice certain parts of my body in the 50 degree water to set up the dock.  On the drive there, we ended up getting passed by a young man in a Saab that was “threading the needle” as he ducked and dodged in between cars on a two-lane road, even passing some cars on the right, because 65 mph (which was 10 mph over the limit) wasn’t fast enough. 

Thankfully, the Maine State Police has started to change out their unmarked fleet lately.

Is it wrong to say that I clapped joyfully as I pulled over for the Trooper as he blazed past me, knowing exactly which car he was going after?  About half-a-mile up the road, we passed them as they were pulled over.  My wife had to tell me not to pull over to give the Trooper a tip for his fine work. 

As I said, I’m not perfect. (There’s actually a long line of people that would attest to this).  Maybe I paid a little too close attention in drivers’ education.   On the rare occasion that I drive over the stop line (who reading this actually knows what the “stop line” is?), I usually look at my wife and acknowledge my shortcoming before she can say anything.  I also try not to block an intersection at the traffic light.  Too often, this is what causes traffic to be snarled up.  If people just hold their horses for a few minutes behind that big, white stop line (great… I just gave out the answer to the “stop line” question), things will clear up and traffic will be able to move.

I have to wonder where kids of today are getting their driving skills.  Is it from television and movies?  Maybe it’s from playing video games like “Grand Theft Auto”. 
Next year, my daughter will turn 15 and will most likely want to get her driver’s permit.  I monitor what she watches on television and what she plays for video games and I can only hope that she takes driving a car in real life as seriously as she takes driving Mario Kart. 

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