Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pause 4 Paws - "Natural Alternatives for flea and tick Control" by Amy Hebert

With warm weather fast approaching it’s time to think about flea and tick control for our beloved dogs and cats. I follow a more natural regimen for all my animals.

Orally, I give my dogs garlic powder on every meal year-round and during the summer months I give them Black or Green Walnut Hull liquid on their food three times weekly.  The garlic permeates through the skin to deter insects from coming close while the black walnut hull causes the animal’s blood to taste very bitter to insects so they stop biting.

Topically, I put Sentry Natural Flea & Tick Squeeze-on treatment once per month (contains only natural ingredients). I spray each dog down once per day with one of the following sprays - cedar oil, Neem oil, Flee, Flea! or Sentry Natural Flea Spray (I rotate between all of these to prevent resistance); I also rotate the sprays with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) which is a powder that I rub into the dog’s coat. (Please read caution statements prior to using DE as it is dusty.) Each evening, I firmly brush each dog to disrupt any ticks or fleas that may have gotten on them.

Cedar oil can be sprayed around your home on carpets, furniture and outside in the yard.  I also use cedar oil on my children and myself as a bug repellant.  Gardens Alive makes a product that is mixed with water and then sprayed around your home inside and out to kill and prevent flea infestations.  It is safe for dogs and children after it dries so spray it and wait an hour before letting anyone or thing go on that area.

Here is a list of products I use and where you can get them.                  Flee, Flea! spray                              Sentry All Natural Flea & Tick drops and spray                   All natural cedar oil spray                    Bug Off garlic pills or powder (Feed daily, it works great)    Diatomaceous Earth (flea/tick control, natural wormer)

If you have a flea infestation, please contact your veterinarian, as natural products cannot combat infestations, but can be used once you rid your home of fleas.


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