Friday, May 24, 2019

Student of the Week: Alexis Redmon

Alexis Redmon, a sixth-grade student at Jordan-Small Middle School, is The Windham Eagle’s Student of the Week. Redmon states that she enjoys playing basketball and softball.

“Alexis Redmon is a star that doesn’t always want others to notice how she shines,” stated her teacher. “Not wanting to stand out, she works quietly and tenaciously, but it was only a matter of time until we recognized her light—and what light she has. Motivated and inspired to learn, she asks the right questions and takes her studies seriously, and not just because she wants the grade. Alexis wants to understand the history and science behind how and why things work. Inquisitive and thoughtful in her process, her questions don’t just skim the surface, they demand a much broader perspective and wisdom. When it comes to science, Alexis is highly motivated to learn and share. She uses science equipment like a pro, she takes notes in class, she is a supportive lab partner, and her assessments are always top shelf.”

Redmon believes that working on special projects is what makes learning fun. Her favorite music is rap music and her favorite subject is math.

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