Friday, May 4, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Now that the library renovations and improvements have been completed, I believe it is time to give some special credit to Jen Alvino, the Library Director. 

I served as a Windham Library Trustee during the planning stages for the renovations and became aware of Jen's efforts to effect change in the layout and efficiency of the library. 

The cost of the work has been stated as $405,000. What has not been reported is that Jen worked for over a year on soliciting grants and donations from outside organizations and succeeded in collecting $74,500 from them. This meant that the improvements to the facility included new shelving and furniture. These items had not been included in the original budget. 

While I believe all of the library staff deserves a great round of applause for their work during the transition, I would like to give special "thanks" to our Library Director.

Bruce Raeburn

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