Saturday, September 30, 2017

Insight: Falling into Fall with childhood enthusiasm by Lorraine Glowczak

There are a multitude of activities during this Fall season and those who own a home are either busy working on last minute home improvement projects or preparing their house for the long, cold winter months ahead. (Be sure to check out our Fall Home Improvement section for many ideas, suggestions, etc.)

But as we begin these preparations, may I provide a gentle reminder to everyone (mainly to myself) to F.A.L.L. into Fall and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us this time of year; not letting our productive lives get in the way of that.

Author, Carson Tate states that the acronym of F.A.L.L. is: Fun Activities Loved by the Less-busy you.

She suggests thinking back to when we were children and reminisce about our favorite Fall activity. For example, does picking apples, carving pumpkins or thinking about that costume you wanted to wear for Halloween bring back lots of fond memories? What really gets you excited about Fall?

Personally, I recall the joy I felt in raking leaves into big piles and jumping into them, as I saw a hint of my breath in the chilly Autumn air. Once I had done a few rounds of that, I rushed inside to get my piping hot chocolate so that I could run back outside to sit around the bonfire. That was one of my favorite - or what I call “yummy” childhood memories.

Carson suggests that we remember those moments because “as we get older, fun tends to get relegated to the background of our lives.”

She reminds us that fun is an essential part of being alive and she gives the following suggestions to commit to at least one fun activity we enjoyed from our past:

A. On a post-it note or in a note app on your mobile device, take two minutes to write down three of your favorite Fall memories from when you were a kid. Then, ask yourself: When was the last time I did that? Why has it been so long? 

B. Write down a commitment to yourself to do at least one of those things by the end of November.
C. Now, look at your to-do list for today. What’s one small “thing” can you remove or delegate from your list? (Remember, you’re running hills, so think present moment - think about today.) What is one thing you can remove from your list today?

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