Friday, February 1, 2019

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of Windham and I want to thank the Windham Public Works for the great job they're doing on the roads. Twice a week I make the trip to Falmouth via Falmouth Road, and the difference between the Falmouth roads and the Windham roads is remarkable. Just this Tuesday when I made the trip, as soon as I crossed the line to Falmouth, the roads became snowy and icy, even though it hadn't snowed for over 48 hours. And on the return trip, as soon as I crossed the line back to Windham, I noticed clean roads once again. In addition, I live on a hilly street that is not densely populated, yet. I'm always impressed by the job that is done, keeping it well-sanded so we can easily traverse the hills. 

I can't imagine that it's an easy job to keep all our streets clean during and after these storms, so wanted to be sure Windham Public Works hears what a super job they are doing. Thank you!

Best wishes for warmth,
Melissa Condon

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