Friday, January 25, 2019

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Reporter Walter Lunt has a real talent catching the essence of people in his Before the Memory Fades column. After I read his stories on Dr. Sydney Branson, “Windham’s Last Country Doctor, and Edith Bell, “Fiercely Dedicated Servant of Church, Youth and Community”, I felt like I had drawn up my chair and had a great visit with both of them. Thank you, Walter, for bringing back so many memories of both people who were so important to Windham’s history.

Linda Griffin

Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank Governor Mills for acting so quickly to release the Senior Housing Bond. Her leadership on this critical issue will enable more Mainers to age in place through the building of new, affordable, accessible and safe homes for older Mainers. Additionally, funds will be dedicated to home repair and weatherization of existing homes, some of which are the oldest in the country. 

I was privileged to speak at the news conference at the State House on January 15th when Governor Mills spoke and then released the Housing Bond funds.  I spoke to the crowd about my dear friend, Loraine, who was unable to remain in her own apartment because, as she aged, she could no longer manage to climb stairs. She once fell while I was with her and was clearly in danger of serious injury if she remained where she was.  Thanks to a move into senior housing, she is now in a less expensive apartment that is on one floor which will enable her to live independently for years to come.

Loraine is one of many. There are nearly 10,000 older Mainers who have been waiting to move into affordable housing literally for years.  Mainers of all ages, but particularly older Mainers, need this investment in affordable, accessible, safe homes. Thank you, Governor Mills, for releasing the Bond, thank you Senator David Burns and Speaker Mark Eves for your leadership on the original bill, and thanks to every legislator and advocate who worked to make this happen.

Sammee Quong
AARP Maine Volunteer Advocate

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