Friday, December 28, 2018

Insight: Cramming for the final exam

By Lorraine Glowczak

Can you believe it?! This is it for 2018! I remember rolling my eyes in frustration every time my mother said, “Time goes much faster when you get older. You blink your eyes, and all of the sudden – you are old.” Now, I am the one who is speaking those words - and I still roll my eyes. But because my Mom’s silly words of wisdom feels factual to me now, it makes New Year resolutions more impactful – like “go to the bathroom or get off the pot” sort of impact.

The thing about becoming older and “wiser” is you realize your time is limited and you want to get out there and really do it. Whether the reason is that you truly discover what is more important to you or, as comedian George Carlin implied, “you are cramming for your final exam,” hoping to get into heaven – whichever the case may be, I suppose it really doesn’t matter. You just know you must do it.

But what I’ve noticed personally about resolutions as I’m heading in the downhill slide, is it’s not so much about eating healthier (although I do plan to do that) or exercise more (I plan to do that, too) or spend more time with friends, having fun, (yes – that, too) and travel more (Oh! I hope so) but to contribute in more positive, aware and educated ways. However, there is a learning curve in taking that route. Especially the “aware and educated” part.

It has been said that for every truth that exists, the exact opposite also contains truth. I tend to buy into this philosophy, generally speaking, because it keeps me from becoming too arrogant about my own opinions and it reminds me that no one owns the copyright on truth. The learning curve for me is taking my “saving the world, creating happiness and justice for all” innate mindset and realizing the effects of the actions I take on a daily basis.

For example: while I promote the elimination of food insecurity in Maine and volunteer time and food to the free weekly Monday Meals program – I am also throwing leftovers away that have been in my refrigerator for over a month. While I work to make sure there is justice occurring in the world, that includes Africa – I wear a diamond ring. While I work to be upwardly mobile, I think about the people I might leave behind in the dust – not because they are lazy and take advantage of the system (and there are a few, no doubt) – but because, in some circumstances – life isn’t always fair.

As January 1st approaches this coming Tuesday, I will do my best to take a hard look at my New Year’s resolutions – bearing in mind my decisions and how they may impact people.

Although there is truth that I am following my innate way to be in the world – I suspect it might also be true that I am cramming for my final exam. Wish me luck. And I wish you luck as you head in the new year with whatever endeavors you believe are important.

May 2019 be your best year yet. Happy New Year!

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