Friday, March 9, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am proud to make the following announcement:

After many discussions with family and neighbors here in Windham as well as friends across the state, I have decided to declare my candidacy for the office of State Representative in House District 24, part of Windham. I am honored to have so many people reach out to me and ask me to run again. 

Serving two previous terms in the Maine House has prepared me for what I expect will be a tough campaign. However, I believe when I get to talk to you, you will see a solid difference in my goals to benefit the citizens of Windham and the people of our great state. I support our constitution, liberty, and freedom for all who chose to live and work in our great state.

Among my many areas of concern are safety for our children, care for our elderly, veteran's benefits, and our opioid crisis. Additionally, I would like to make our state a place where our youth will want to live and work to continue to uphold the Maine Way of Life. As we create a highly skilled workforce through education, companies will come, and existing businesses will expand. We need to find ways to keep our youth here in Maine. This is only a partial list of my concerns for our home - but all is not lost. We have come a long way forward in the last few years and I will ask for your vote to keep the direction moving forward.

I would be honored if you could help my campaign by donating $5.00 to Maine Clean Elections to help raise funds to get my message out. It is easy to do. Go to At the home page click on Donate Now and follow the prompts. Find House District 24, my name and fill in the payment information.  

Thank you, I look forward to visiting with as many of you as possible this year.

Thomas M. Tyler
Candidate for House District 24

Dear Editor,

On Tuesdays for the past two months, I put on my red AARP Maine shirt, and drove to the State House. On my way I pick up friends who I have met through AARP, and we join dozens of other members to learn more about how we can make a difference. We meet with legislators, learn from experts on issues, practice testifying, and attend committee hearings, work sessions and Caucus on Aging meetings. 

Everyone at the State House knows it’s Tuesday because of our red shirts. Legislators remark on our consistent presence and we are excited to keep building the momentum!  

This week I wrote to my Senator about considering my opinion on a legislative issue. He found where I was sitting in the Senate, and personally welcomed me and thanked me for being there. I recognized him from knocking on my door when he was running for office, and he recognized me from working together at Hannaford! It was great to meet with him and express my opinion in person about an issue I find important, and to watch him in action as he represents me in the Senate.

I am one of 230,000 AARP members in Maine. We are dedicated to showing up and speaking on behalf of Mainers everywhere, especially those who can’t make the drive to Augusta. The issues we’re focusing on include: prescription drug prices, affordable housing, supporting family caregivers, fair utilities rates, and Age-Friendly Community initiatives. When I think about the people I know impacted by these issues, I know I represent more than just myself at the State House.

I invite you to come join me, join us, learn more, be involved, and make a difference. We meet at 9:30am in the lobby of the Cross Building every Tuesday, and all are welcome.

Louise Theberge


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