Friday, March 16, 2018

Insight: Celebrating milestones by Lorraine Glowczak

I was living in South Portland five years ago, when in March 2013 the first edition of The Windham Eagle newspaper hit the stands and mailboxes. Although I missed out when this positive and solution-based news source made its debut in the Windham and Raymond communities, that doesn’t prevent me from celebrating our anniversary with all of you and with our fellow business owners who are reaching milestones of their own. (Be sure to see our Anniversary Pages, 11 – 14, in our print version of the newspaper. Support local businesses!) 
When we initially think of anniversaries, our first thought is on relationships and weddings. And
although the celebration of human bonds is incredibly important, so are businesses and the milestones they reach. In fact, organizations hold a lot of similarities to successful human relationships. The important life skills that contribute to both prospering enterprises and flourishing relationships include the following:

The ability to communicate effectively:

Everyone knows how to talk, but communication is a whole different animal. The ability to listen without interruption and the knack to speak with clarity and intention are not only saving points in a marriage but also among business partners, employees and customers. I would venture to say we all have work to do in this area; as effective communication does not come easily. However, without trying one’s hand at productive communication, things can go downhill, fast. One way to prevent the downhill spiral comes in the next skill.


This one can be summed up in 11 golden words, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” To attain that Golden Anniversary, we all hope to someday reach in whatever area of life, the flair for respect comes in most handy! Respect can also occur in the next ability.


We all have our own set of agendas and will do what it takes to get our way. But in doing so, we can miss out on something grandeur. It doesn’t have to be “my way or the highway” – great things, great relationships and great business often have compromised only to find that in doing so, they found a “higher way” of doing things. Stephen Covey stated it best when he said, “It’s easy to say ‘no’ when there is a deep ‘yes’ burning inside.” 

Owning a thriving business takes commitment and determination through the good times and the bad. And much like marriages – organizations should celebrate their achievements to see how far they’ve come and to recognize the grit it took to be where they are today – whether you’ve been in business for a year or 150 years. Celebrating the fact that you are STILL here and making an impact – in your own life and in others’, helps us all to see just how much we already have and how lucky we are. I, for one, feel lucky to be a part of The Windham Eagle family.

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