Friday, November 3, 2017

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.
Residents of Windham, old and new - here are three votes we urge you to consider.

David Nadeau and Brett Jones for Town Council and Yes for the Windham/RSU14 Shared Vehicle Maintenance Facility.

David is a current Councilor since 2011. He is a reasoned, informed and progressive voice. He has lived in town since 1986 and knows just about everything one can know about Windham. His knowledge and passion are unmatched. David recently proposed and helped pass a Windham Seniors Tax Rebate Plan that helps Windham’s legacy residents; all the while fighting for the issues supported by Windham’s newest residents. David has been on the losing side of the right fight but has never given up. He is an asset to Windham and deserves another term to continue the fight.

Brett Jones is a current Councilor but was not elected. He submitted an application for a seat that was left vacant last year when no one ran. Multiple candidates were interviewed and it was Brett who was selected by the Council. It was unanimous. He has proven to be thoughtful, a good listener and fair. 

Brett recently supported a private roads ordinance that could create additional costs for him personally, but after careful consideration he stated it was best for the Town and the majority of residents. That is the type of leader Windham residents deserve; honorable and honest. Brett was selected by the Town Council and he should be chosen by you as well, he has earned our votes.

Both candidates know that saying no to smart investment in Windham’s future is not respecting the taxpayer’s dollar, it’s squandering it while delaying progress and pride in Windham.

The current vehicle maintenance facility is a dangerous eyesore, lacking efficiency and the ability to meet the basic needs that should be afforded to the Windham / RSU staff and equipment that keep Windham safe. This initiative was on the ballot two years ago and lost by 113 votes. Two years later, after fair and exhaustive efforts to examine the project and cost, the need still exists; it has not disappeared. Now the cost is $2,000,000 higher than two years ago, not because of extravagant add-ons, but because as things always do - prices go up. Defeat two years ago cost Windham $2,000,000 and delayed progress. Those who argued against it extolled they are protecting the taxpayer when in reality the taxpayer was harmed.

Windham is our home and our responsibility and if we smartly invest in it as such we will be rewarded. Councilor David Nadeau has said many times, “It is time for Windham to start investing in Windham.” If we don’t do it, who will?

The next few years’ Council decisions will impact Windham’s growth and success or lack thereof for the next 20 years. Vote to continue the momentum of moving Windham forward. 

Vote Nadeau, Jones and Yes on the Windham/RSU14 Shared Vehicle Maintenance Facility.

Signed: Windham Residents: Jarrod Maxfield, Timothy Nangle, Scott Mclean, Joanne Mattiace, and David Douglass

Dear Editor,

To Elected Officials Everywhere:

Given the civil discourse in our communities, states and country, I would ask that you accept a small gift as a token of my hopes and dreams for our futures:  It is simply a quote from President John F. Kennedy, and it reads:

“So, let us begin anew – remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness and sincerity is always subject to proof. Let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate. Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.”

Let us begin anew today!

Jeff Pierce, Windham

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