Friday, July 28, 2017

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Representative Patrick Corey for supporting LD 1504, An Act to Modernize Rates for Small-scale Distributed Generation, which received enough bipartisan support in the legislature to be veto-proof. In the face of a veto override vote, Central Maine Power is spending a significant quantity of ratepayers’ money in lobbying efforts to try and change legislators’ votes from yes to no.

The scope of this bill is very narrow. The most significant piece of this bill does away with the PUC's [Public Utility Commission] misguided rule that assesses a fee on all energy generated by a solar array; even if that energy is consumed in real time behind the meter. This is akin to super markets charging a fee when you grow your own tomatoes instead of buying them from the store. If this bill does not pass, all ratepayers (solar and non-solar) will collectively pay millions to have CMP install new and invasive metering equipment.

I have worked in the solar industry for over a decade now. The growing industry has allowed for significant job growth in our community. These jobs provide a fair wage, cannot be outsourced, and are reducing the migration of our brightest minds and hard workers away from the state of Maine.
On behalf of everyone in Maine that could be impacted by this vote, I would like to urge Representative Corey to not be led astray by the utility lobbyist and maintain his yes vote on this bill.

Thank you,
Geoff Sparrow
Windham Resident

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