Friday, June 8, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Whether you live in a large or smaller town in Maine, with our far-flung population it can be easy to feel isolated from the decision-making process in Washington and Augusta. However, the truth is that no matter how far away we may feel from the political debate, all our votes matter. 

As the mid-term election on June 12th approaches, in light of the current political climate in our nation and right here in our own state, no matter where we live each vote is critically important.
With this in mind, I am glad to hear about AARP’s “Be the Difference” campaign which encourages all of us older Mainers to get out and vote. The focus of “Be the Difference” is simple: Educating voters, getting out the vote and making sure more Mainers head to the polls on June 12; particularly those of us age fifty and older.

Although political campaigns sometimes overlook the issues that impact older voters, we have traditionally been a major force in Maine elections. Older voters are concerned about issues such as livable communities, financial security, Medicare, Social Security and caregiving, to name just a few. 
These are critical issues, but are they being discussed by the candidates? “Be The Difference” will offer multi-media information to Maine voters as to where candidates stand on these and other issues to help us hold politicians accountable for their positions this November.

Older voters vote in impressive numbers. It is a mistake for any candidate to assume otherwise. Let’s be the difference on June 12th.

Dr. Erica Magnus
AARP Maine Communications Volunteer

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